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With a Private LTE network for your office building or industrial complex

Attract higher paying tenants. Run your business more efficiently. And, identify new products and services to charge for. Geoverse will design, build, and manage your Private LTE network.

private LTE | ˈprīvit el tē ē


Carrier-grade wireless technology to build a cellular service inside the building. Allows building managers to connect people, things, and data based on business logic.


To power the smart workplace for the millennial, millennial-minded, and following generation.


There’s a generational shift, inside your building walls

This new generation will do business differently

And they already are. If you’re not giving this to them, other buildings surely will. Better to lead than lag. Millennials will soon make up half of the world’s workforce. With dramatic effects on the work place-and-space. Such as…

Millennials want to work wherever, whenever

…and untethered, too. Gone will be the 9-to-5 work days. They want to work on their own terms, time, and place. Open and shared work spaces, to handle a few people this moment, but many the next. And, workers need to come and go as they please- using their smart devices. For the modern worker, always-on, always-available connectivity is a must.

Millennials want to work fast. Blazing.

Speed matters. Why? For fast uploads and downloads. To stream videos without any lag. To create and edit huge, multimedia files, spreadsheets, and documents. And, less businesses want servers and apps in the office. They want them in the cloud, whether AWS, Google, or Salesforce. With no down times. At all.

A look at the modern employee

…compared with the old. 

Works 9-5 Works whenever
Works in a corporate office Works wherever
Uses company equipment Uses their own devices
Hours in a chair Only concerned about results
Climbs the corporate ladder Blazes their own path
Worked defined for them Creates their own work
Hoards info Shares everything
Has no voice Leads with their voice
Relies on email Savvy collaborators
Learn what you’re told Learn what you need
Corporate learning & teaching Self taught

“Yes, this is where I want to spend my most productive hours.”

Will the modern worker (and their company) say that when checking out your building or complex? If not, you’re handing them over to the other guy.

Connectivity for your tenants. IoT for your business.

Enable your smart building, using sensors

Bridge the physical with the digital. Sensors in all the right locations to collect data on how people are behaving in your building.

So you can…


Know how your building is performing

Your connected devices will tell the story:

  • Know where energy is wasted

  • Lower operating expenses

  • Reduce carbon emissions

  • Identify inefficient systems, processes, and configurations, and…

  • Calculate all this to get an ROI for any changes you’ll make

Attract more high-paying tenants

…by creating the ‘smart’ work place,

For example, companies in bio-finance, doing work in augmented reality and artificial intelligence? They’re certainly looking for the ‘smart’ work place:

Temperature Warm or cool spaces, using an app*. With preferences learned and applied over time. Automatically.
Lighting Light levels adjusting in open spaces and meeting rooms. For late nights or wee hours.
Rooms Find and book meeting rooms right now. Including ones that are "booked" but unused.
Desks Not enough desks for everybody? No problem, use ‘hot desks’ to contract and expand, dynamically. And, find and book them based on what’s available.
Work Requests Submit work requests or flag issues to workplace teams, when and where they arise.

*BTW… this ain’t new. There’s an app for all this, giving you’re tenants the power to configure their workplace, real-time.

Are you ready to bring the network everyone’s used to on the outside, to the inside? 

Connectivity in the building, not so good

Cellular on the outside + WiFi on the inside = Frustrated tenants. 

Cellular performs poorly inside the building


Buildings rely on cellular service from outside towers. But construction materials make it hard for signals to pass through walls and windows.


Wireless is everywhere. So are the people using it. With their data-heavy apps jamming the airwaves, causing dropped calls, slower service, and frustrated occupants.

Economics & Politics

Demand outweighs supply- of cell towers, that is. And getting permissions to erect a new tower? Good luck with that. Takes years and bucks. Loads.

WiFi also works poorly inside the building

…because it creates interference. Several wireless networks, in the same building, compete for signals on the same frequency. Kitchen microwaves and the like don’t help either. All these reduce signal strength while causing WiFi noise. Each business uses WiFi to help themselves but, this adds no value to the building. 

So then… 


Build a Private LTE for your building


A quick history

1980s: Cellular

Cellular phones, a paradigm shift that brought connectivity to people, not buildings. The U.S. government removed restrictions, making The Internet open for business.

Netscape was born. 

Then: WiFi

For the early wave of mobile phones, cellular worked great- on the outside. But not so good in the building. As devices became smarter and ubiquitous, WiFi was born to connect everything inside the walls.

Apple launched the iPhone.

Now: Private LTE

WiFi has its costs. Can’t roam the building, data travels slowly, the network is not secure. Welcome Private LTE, an in-building, cellular network. It’s fast and secure, allowing occupants to easily connect through their mobile devices.

Your business redefined.


LTE powers billions of smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices

Every device, whether in your pocket, on your lap, on your desk, or installed throughout the buildings… are data-voracious-and-hungry. They require speed, must be secure, while talking to each other. LTE technology is all that.

LTE is available, for your building or campus

Businesses were stuck with WiFi solutions and technology. LTE was available, but only as licensed spectrum. This costs billions of dollars, which only the carriers could afford. Until now. The FCC has made ’shared spectrum’ available, known as CBRS (Citizen Band Radio Spectrum). Ericsson, Nokia, Corning, Arris, Ruckus and others are making ‘miniature cell towers’ (a.k.a. access points or small cells) the size of smoke detectors- to build cellular networks indoors.

No more will your tenants experience…

Calls that get dropped, sound garbled, or don’t get though. Video conferences that are herky-jerky, or files uploading and downloading slowly…taking longer than workers have time for. Nor, having the right connectivity throughout the building to deploy IoT.

 Geoverse will build and operate a carrier-grade network for your building or complex

About Geoverse

Building owners are not cellular operators

Good thing, for us and you. As a licensed mobile operator, it’s our business to make Private LTE a low-touch solution for your business. That’s what we do.

We’re a subsidiary of ATN International. Founded in 1987, ATN is traded on NASDAQ and headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts. ATN runs communications companies and renewable energy assets in the US and world-wide. 

Working with Geoverse

Schedule an appointment to shape your future workplace. Here’s what will happen…

We’ll learn what you need

So we can know…

  • Know the type of LTE solution, and where to place the access points, to

  • Keep occupants and any sensors connected

  • Propose solutions for you to measure, to optimize your operations…

  • Like: power, lighting, HVAC, air quality, CO2 levels, water, and…

  • Who’s entering the building or leaving the garage, you get the idea

All this, at a price comparable to commercial wifi.

For the big picture…

  • Know more about your building or campus

  • For an office building or industrial complex?

  • To know if you need coverage outdoors, indoors, or both

  • About the physical layout, is it spread out and horizontal? Or tall and vertical?

  • Is this for a new structure or a retrofit?

  • What areas will be used the most?

  • Need support for public safety networks (for any local regulations)?

smart building.jpg

Learn where you’re at

…for your building project. Are you under construction? Or already occupied? Do you have cable or do we need to bring this in? No matter which, we’ll design what you need. 

Package it up

We’ll create and send you a proposal. Then, meet with you to review and refine it. Geoverse will provide your solution As A Service. No capital expenditures. You pay a monthly fee, comparable to commercial WiFi fees. Then, if you like what you see…

Build your future workplace

Time to build your private cellular network:

at desk.jpg
  • Design- Determine what you need, how many, and where to place things

  • Build- Install your network, whether for new or existing building

  • Test- Make sure everything works, whether subscribers are walking into or out of the building. We’ll coordinate everything with mobile carriers. 

  • Deploy- Complete the finishing touches for you to ‘go live’

  • Support you- From now to forever. New technologies emerge, people come and go. We’ll take care of all that, to run your private cellular network.

 Ready to build a private cellular network for your building?

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For your building, ready to: 1) attract higher paying tenants, 2) run your business more efficiently and, 3) identify new products and services to charge for?

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