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The Next Generation Smartphone Connectivity. Today.

Now you can easily get a faster, more secure wireless network in your building for happier occupants, IoT for your business, deployed with the simplicity of WiFi.


Geoverse gives you reliable and secure 4G LTE connectivity for your office and beyond. So you’ll be more productive than ever and never miss a deadline while searching for a strong signal.

  1. More reliable and secure wireless connectivity, not just to meet your tenants’ growing demands for smartphone connectivity, but also wireless connectivity for your building’s “smart” devices

  2. Turnkey business model that removes the complexity of the cellular infrastructure involved with delivering a private cellular network—and it’s done in a way that’s as simple as deploying an enterprise Wi-Fi network.

  3. Geoverse provides the design, deployment and operations and offers the solution bundle as a simple monthly subscription model.

  4. We offer Service Level Agreements so you understand the quality of service how your network is performing and always have a clear understanding of what you are getting


Connectivity for your tenants. IoT for your business.

Geoverse Private LTE is useful no matter who you are or what your building is for.

As an enterprise solution for a building with private offices:

Equipping your building with Geoverse Private LTE is both a revenue driver and expense saver. Equipping your building with Private LTE means that it becomes a utility you are able to charge for, while simultaneously luring tenants with hassle-free, setup-free connectivity. Plus, Geoverse’s full-building solution when used alongside IoT sensors enables a ‘smart building’ so that you can identify inefficient systems and processes to both calculate ROI and make changes for more efficient uses of resources.

Temperature Warm or cool spaces, using an app*. With preferences learned and applied over time. Automatically.
Lighting Light levels adjusting in open spaces and meeting rooms. For late nights or wee hours.
Rooms Find and book meeting rooms right now. Including ones that are "booked" but unused.
Desks Not enough desks for everybody? No problem, use ‘hot desks’ to contract and expand, dynamically. And, find and book them based on what’s available.
Work Requests Submit work requests or flag issues to workplace teams, when and where they arise.

In a building with a co-working space:

Installing Geoverse Private LTE means you won’t have to worry about tenants or co-working space members complaining about dropouts, connectivity, or speed. Plus, enabling a ‘smart building’ means that you’ll be aware of how your resources are being used for lower operating expenses and a more eco-friendly building.

There’s an app for your new smart building , giving your tenants the power to configure their workplace, real-time.

Connectivity should not be an issue.

You should not be dealing with a bad connection or slow Wi-Fi at work and your cellular service should work just as well inside as outside.  

Here's why this is happening.


Buildings rely on cellular service from outside towers. Construction materials make it hard for signals to pass through walls and windows.


Wireless is everywhere. So are the people using it. With data-heavy apps jamming the airwaves, causing dropped calls, slower service, and leading to frustrated occupants.

Economics & Politics

Currently, demand outweighs supply of cell towers. Plus, even as demand increases, permissions to build a new tower are more and more difficult to get.

Here’s why WiFi is not the best solution.

WiFi networks also have major problems, especially in an office environment. When there are multiple WiFi networks in the same building, they may compete with each other to receive a signal in the same frequency band.

Another problem with wireless networks is that performance tends to get worse as usage increases. More users, more connected devices, or simply more bandwidth consumption from individual users means a decline in performance. A single person streaming Netflix on their lunch hour can slow the entire network down.


 Geoverse will build and operate a carrier-grade network for your building or complex

About Geoverse

Building owners are not cellular operators.

Good thing, for us and you. As a licensed mobile operator, it’s our business to make Private LTE a low-touch solution for your business. That’s what we do.

We’re a subsidiary of ATN International. Founded in 1987, ATN is traded on NASDAQ and headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts. ATN runs communications companies and renewable energy assets in the US and world-wide. 

Working with Geoverse

We’ll learn what you need

So we can:

  • Know the type of LTE solution, and where to place the access points, to

  • Keep occupants and any sensors connected

  • Propose solutions for you to measure, to optimize your operations…

  • Like: power, lighting, HVAC, air quality, CO2 levels, water, and…

  • Who’s entering the building or leaving the garage, you get the idea

All this, at a price comparable to commercial WiFi.

For the big picture:

  • Know more about your building or campus

  • For an office building or industrial complex?

  • To know if you need coverage outdoors, indoors, or both

  • About the physical layout, is it spread out and horizontal? Or tall and vertical?

  • Is this for a new structure or a retrofit?

  • What areas will be used the most?

  • Need support for public safety networks (for any local regulations)?

Package it up

We’ll create and send you a proposal. Then, meet with you to review and refine it. Geoverse will provide your solution As A Service. No capital expenditures. You pay a monthly fee, comparable to commercial WiFi fees. Then, if you agree with the proposal:

  • Design- Determine what you need, how many, and where to place things

  • Build- Install your network, whether for new or existing building

  • Test- Make sure everything works, whether subscribers are walking into or out of the building. We’ll coordinate everything with mobile carriers. 

  • Deploy- Complete the finishing touches for you to ‘go live’

  • Support you- From now to forever. New technologies emerge, people come and go. We’ll take care of all that, to run your private cellular network.

Work with Geoverse