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Unleash the High-Capacity & Lightning-Fast Indoor Mobile Service People Are Waiting For


Geoverse designs and manages Private LTE networks that enable building owners to offer tenants "5-bar" cellular service, ultrafast data networks, and transform any real estate into a high-performing workplace.




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Organizations who adapt to the growing needs and desires of their workforce will reap the benefits.


In-Building wireless traffic is expected to grow more than 600% by 2020, yet current satisfaction with connectivity is low.

  • In just two years, millennials will comprise approximately half of the world’s workforce. Very soon, millennials will become a formidable, lasting force that will drive a transformation in work style and workplace design .
  • Mobile devices, cloud-computing, and evolving communication technologies makes it possible for employees to work untethered and user expectations tend to advance with it. 
  • Access points — especially wireless networks — are going to be put under an increasing amount of strain.
  • New in-building wireless network technology - Private LTE - enable building owners to capitalize on the growing demand for better indoor coverage and assure highly effective workplaces and yield more value for the people they serve.

 A new generation of wireless technology is unleashing an age of pervasive connectivity


Unleash Private LTE. The high-capacity and lightning-fast indoor mobile service people are waiting for.


1990s: Cellular

Cellular phones represented a paradigm shift as we begun bringing connectivity to people instead of buildings.  The US government removed the final restrictions to carry commercial traffic on the Internet, and Netscape was born. 



WiFi  takes hold as a way of getting broadband internet to a device using wireless transmitters and radio signals.  Apple launched the iPhone making  the internet transportable and we begun changing where and how we work.


NOW:  Private LTE

Private LTE let building owners deploy in-building cellular networks indoors and offer seamless, ultra-fast connectivity to occupants that connects seamlessly to mobile operators' outside macro networks.  Private LTE enables new service offerings, can help drive better business performance, attract and retain tenants, and increase asset value.

What is Private LTE Network Technology?


Private LTE - carrier-grade LTE-based wireless technology for local and independent networks - enables building managers to integrate diverse sensors, machines, and people and redefine how value is created from devices and data. 


LTE is the mobile technology of choice for mobile service providers around the globe, powering billions of smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices.  It is designed to support large numbers of data-hungry devices, offers data rates as high as 300 Mbps and over-the-air encryption for secure and reliable connectivity.

Yet, until now, enterprises were unable to use LTE for their private wireless networks. The only option was inferior WiFi because LTE requires licensed spectrum.  This is about to change.  At a price comparable to deploying commercial WiFi, building managers can now deploy private wireless LTE networks for all their communication and connectivity needs without obtaining licenses from the FCC.  

Private LTE treats user concerns -from reliability and service quality, to security and compliance - as challenges that can be addressed by a single, scalable wireless networking solution that leverages LTE’s technology and ecosystem benefits.




We simplify building of high-capacity LTE voice and enterprise networks inside buildings - as a service - that increases productivity, drives efficiency, creates appropriate flexibility and delivers rich experiences to occupants.

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Real estate owners, REITS, and property managers will rise or fall based on their ability to deliver first class wireless coverage to OCCUPANTS


As employees expect untethered connectivity and consumers depend more heavily on their mobile devices, cellular networks are becoming “mission critical” - a "fourth utility" - and superior performance is required. 

Work style and workplace design are rapidly changing, and properties that adapt to the growing needs and desires of occupants can drive more value for the organizations and the people they serve.

Providing the ability for tenants to remain connected, for both data and voice, phone-in-hand throughout the property will be the bar for renter attractiveness.  Connectivity in the unit is simply not enough – amenity area, corridors, garages and units all need to be seamless connected. 

Wireless operators continue to invest on upgrading in-building wireless solutions for large public venues but they cannot scale the investment to provide similar capacity density in enterprise venues.

Many buildings are not adequately served by the outdoor mobile macro network.  To meet occupant expectations, Private LTE will assume an increasingly important role to keep up with exploding demand for mobile connectivity. More than ever, the building owner or facilities manager is under pressure to provide in-building coverage and capacity for tenants, visitors and customers who increasingly expect total, reliable and seamless connectivity throughout the property; in amenity area, corridors, garages and wherever they go.  And a growing number of building owners are now using small cells to provide carrier grade features like PBX integration, content caching and precise indoor location.

As a building owner, you know that tenants are increasingly insisting on good indoor mobile coverage, however, it’s perhaps not obvious what you can do if it’s not already there.  If you are currently developing new property or refurbishing existing buildings we are here to help.

         Source: 2018 In-Building Mobile Connectivity Report

       Source: 2018 In-Building Mobile Connectivity Report