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Geoverse Private 5G & LTE

A single network solution delivering two key benefits: Outstanding cellular service for occupants and visitors and secure high-performance connectivity for IoT and enterprise applications.

Key Features:
  • We design, deploy, and operate your indoor wireless network, that delivers secure and
    reliable mobile coverage and capacity to meet the need of tenants, residents, and visitors

  • “5 bar coverage” for your occupants and visitors with full 5G/LTE coverage and capacity

  • Seamlessly interconnected with multiple mobile operators when you leave the building

  • Common data network for IoT with better performance and greater security than WiFi

  • Edge computing for localized, low latency applications with hybrid-cloud redundancy

Key Benefits:
  • ​Network design and carrier-grade connectivity optimized for your building

  • Enhanced occupant experience and tenant satisfaction translates to

    • improved business operations

    • operating cost reductions enabled by new data sources and sensors

    • increased productivity with high-performance connectivity to cloud applications that your business depends on

  • Consolidate wireless network expenses with a single manageable, scalable solution

  • Reduce networking expense and improved application performance with edge computing

  • Turnkey connectivity solution

Advantage of the Geoverse Private 5G & LTE Solution

Easiest and Best: 

  • Easy subscription model with no upfront costs

  • The leading provider of seamless roaming onto Tier-1 carriers

  • The best data from the network to understand user experience

  • A rich set of data for the enterprise to understand how they are performing

Private LTE Product Sheet April 2020.jpg
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