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Geoverse SIM: Seamless
National Connectivity for
Smartphones and Data

Secure, carrier-grade connectivity anywhere that works with Geoverse Private 5G and LTE networks and major wireless carriers. 

Key Benefits​
  • Unlimited use of Voice and Data on a Geoverse LTE/5G private network

  • Automatically connects to major wireless carrier networks when outside of Geoverse’s private LTE/5G network

  • Carrier-grade security and control without the need for other complex software or tools

    • Secure access to corporate assets

    • All traffic goes through your network

    • Monitor users on your private network

Smartphone SIM cards:
  • Voice and Data – unlimited on your Geoverse network

  • Voice

    • Uses your IP-PBX or purchase from our pre-integrated Cloud partners

    • Enterprise IP-PBX integration preserves all your investments for compliance and business rules

    • Native phone dialer integration – no need to fire up an app

    • Next-generation VoLTE voice quality

  • Pair with a Shared Data Bundle to get seamless indoor and outdoor coverage

Data SIM cards (IoT SIM):
  • Data only plan for data-only devices and IoT

  • Unlimited data usage on your Geoverse Network

  • Pair with a Shared Data Bundle to get seamless indoor and outdoor coverage

Shared Data Bundle
  • Seamless Off-Net access to Tier-1 carriers when you leave your building

  • Supports both data applications and voice (VoLTE)

  • Reduce Costs

    • Select a bundle optimized for your usage

    • Use the Shared Data Bundle across all your SIM cards

  • Provides redundancy should one network fail – you automatically switch to another carrier

Note:  Geoverse SIM cards can be configured as blocked from roaming, rather than relying on device settings (for customers who do not want devices to roam).

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