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Power your digital transformation with a Private Network interconnected to the global mobile ecosystem

Geoverse builds and manages Private Networks for connectivity and automation enabled by CBRS

Private networks are increasingly important for organizations -- especially in environments with numerous connected devices, where privacy, data control, and performance are crucial.  They can support enterprises in building a more agile business that keeps pace with shifting demand, accelerates digital transformation, and unlocks new IoT opportunities with reliable and predictable connectivity for people, machines, and sensors.

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Our job is to create and manage end-to-end solutions that make your Private Network platform affordable, accessible, and easy.

Geoverse provides private wireless networks on a turnkey basis -- all equipment, design, installation, operation, and 24/7 network support -- delivered as a Service. We leverage Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum to deliver a managed network that scales to any size of port, utility, factory, or campus -- even smart cities. 


Although we focus on CBRS, we also support private network solutions using our own 600MHz and 700MHz spectrum as well as carrier spectrum in cooperation with major carriers. 

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Get 5G-ready coverage that fits your needs and budget, with a simple SaaS pricing model 

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From smartphones to smart buildings, computer vision AI to Industrial 4.0, we work with your team to design and deploy a solution tailored to the unique needs of your organization or community.

We operate your network - as-a-Service. But you have complete control of the network, subscribers, and benefit from the complete control of the end-user experience with full control of the data that unlocks insights and intelligence so you can stay relevant and competitive. 

Geoverse private network solutions are through our Channel Partners and from our Solution Partners.

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Intrinsically secure

Shield your operations and data from cyber threats with encryption and carrier-grade authentication capabilities built into your network.

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Very high reliability

Avoid costly downtime with a robust communications network that keeps the workforce connected and business- and mission-critical systems up and running.

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Coverage on and off your network

Increase efficiency and support new applications with connectivity and true mobility across your department, business, and building with full mobility and transparent handovers to public LTE networks


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We're harnessing the power of LTE to make your business run better.

The result of the Geoverse approach is a Win-Win-Win proposition for the building owner; the residing tenants, enterprises, and visitors; and the carriers.


The building owner offers a highly desirable amenity to drive favorable tenant blend and lease economics, the tenants and enterprises get a highly critical utility to operate, and the carriers have satisfied customers.

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Connectivity wherever business takes you



Internet of Things (IoT)

Private enterprise networks are designed to support current and future IoT use-cases. Whether your initiative is powered by our 4G/LTE, future 5G capabilities, or low power communication protocols we will help you find the right fit for your IoT needs—from the simplest sensors to the most sophisticated IoT environments. 


Workforce Mobility

The security and performance of modern mobile networks make teams more productive, enabling access to resources when and where they’re needed. From better voice calls to more seamless conferencing and VR/AR tools, advanced mobility helps your business embrace the future of work



Office & Enterprise

Through Private 5G and Private LTE, experience walking around the office with your mobile device, tablet, or laptop with seamless, secure, lag-free connectivity 


Logistics & Manufacturing

Private 5G and LTE allows devices to generate real-time data across all logistics and supply chain ecosystem  to improve the efficiency of existing supply chain workflow




As medical technology advances, so does the necessity for Private LTE providing secure connectivity, information exchange and analytics between medical devices and their operators



Security has never been easier, utilize Private LTE for a cost-effective security network; provide your hotel, casino, or entertainment venue with a secure Private LTE network


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Working with Geoverse

Our team of experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your networking needs across business locations and buildings to meet your unique requirements, business case, and budget. 

  • Our turnkey business model removes the complexity. Geoverse provides the design, deployment, and operations as a simple monthly subscription bundle.

  • We build your private cellular network with technology from leading telecommunications vendors we really trust such as Ericsson, Nokia, Commscope, JMA, and Corning.

  • We provide a solutions bundle of smartphones, gateways, bridges, and devices from that have been thoroughly tested on our networks  

  • We offer Service Level Agreements, so you always have a clear understanding of what you are getting and the tools to check how your network is performing.

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