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GeoCore® EPC - Your EPC/IMS

Dedicated or shared GeoCore™ EPC options integrate with your corporate network while connecting you to the public network

GeoCore® serves as the trusted network platform that not only enables your private 5G and LTE networks but also interconnects them to the global cellular ecosystem. Connect to GeoCore Edge and secure, seamless mobility is enabled for your private 5G and LTE network and beyond

GeoCore® On-Premise EPC

Edge GeoCore

GeoCore On-Premise EPC is located
on your premise, providing
the best data security and
the lowest latency for local
business-critical applications.


The GeoCore On-premise EPC allows integration with enterprise data networks, providing a seamless flow between your private 5G/LTE and existing infrastructure.


The GeoCore EPC’s location within the enterprise network ensures sensitive data stays within the enterprise network.

Product Vision

GeoCore Cloud EPC is a secure mobile core that lives in many major metropolitan areas. It works with two setups, a GeoNet setup of small cell radios, and a trusted vendor’s set of small cells. The latter case is a service known as Network as a Service (NaaS), where we provide the connectivity, and others supply the small cells.


GeoCore is ever-growing and evolving. To that end, we are adding a few new features, including Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN), Voice over LTE (VoLTE) roaming, and LTE emergency services. They are in the testing phase right now, but we hope to report progress soon.


GeoCore Cloud EPC lives at the network edge in major cities across the country.


The GeoCore system provides the GeoCore Router and GeoCore Cloud EPC to connect your network to the global wireless world.


GeoCore Cloud EPC uses simple VPN connectivity to Integrate with radio equipment from leading suppliers.

GeoCore Cloud EPC

Metro GeoCore

Product Vision

GeoCore provides all the features and promised deliverables of Metro GeoCore with lower latency, full control, and tighter security for private user data traffic, by integrating with your data network. It takes the middle out and gives you direct control of your network. Edge GeoCore provides carrier-grade network access and security offered as a service (Network as a Service or NaaS). The necessary GeoCore hardware needed is placed in your facility.

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