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GeoNet In-Building Wireless Network

GeoNet allows users to create their own Radio Area Network (RAN) from small cell radios that come from trusted vendors, including Nokia, Ericsson, JMA, and Ruckus.

  • “5-bar” coverage for occupants and visitors smartphones

  • Wireless network for private applications

  • More secure and higher performance than WiFi

  • Multiple technology options:

  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS) for 3 or more wireless carriers

  • Multi-carrier small cells for up to 2 wireless carriers

  • Single band small cells for private applications


While WiFi and DAS
provide working solutions,
GeoNet aims to go beyond
a best effort protocol.


GeoNet provides 5 bar,
private LTE coverage for


GeoNet uses CBRS to
guarantee a high quality of

Product Vision

As we stand now, GeoNet uses the internet backbone to create a private LTE. We connect users and devices with Geoverse SIM cards to a private LTE network. Using both licensed spectrum and CBRS, GeoNet provides a reliable, high-quality connection to the network. In the future, we hope to integrate these networks with 5G, upon its release.


GeoNet only provides support for the network itself at an enterprise level. To roam or interact outside of the enterprise network, it needs the features supplied in GeoCore.

The radios used will have different specifications and capabilities. Geoverse Representatives will be able to help find the devices that are best suited for your network’s needs. Latency and uplink/downlink speeds will vary depending on the radio selected, the network’s layout, and the core backbone.

Example DAS GeoNet


Example Multi-Carrier Small Cell GeoNet


Example DAS GeoNet

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