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Geoverse Launches CBRS Neutral Host Trial at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, an Industry First

Major Orlando Hotel and Convention Center seeks improved coverage across the property via its own Private Cellular Network

BELLEVUE, WA. November 19, 2021 – Geoverse, a leading provider of private cellular solutions for property owners and enterprises, today announced that it will deploy a pilot for a CBRS based neutral host network with Caribe Royale Orlando, a luxury resort and major event center in Orlando, FL.

Caribe Royal is the largest all-suites property in Central Florida with more than 1,300 suites and 220,000 square feet of meeting and convention space for hosting large numbers of visitors and events each year. They continue to seek out ways to continue improving the guest experience and ultimately to be positioned as a premier meetings and conventions venue in Orlando. As a result, Caribe Royale will deploy a private cellular network from Geoverse that includes support of a Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)-based neutral host capability. Caribe Royale is leveraging Geoverse and this trial to help themdrive their strategy around delivering enhanced connectivity across the expansive property to not only serve guests and staff, but also to introduce new use cases.

A neutral host solution, simply explained, is a single wireless network that can support or “host” users from multiple wireless carriers so that any carrier customer can have reliable connectivity and a quality online experience at that venue. These solutions operate today at thousands of properties that see a variety and volume of users including Hotels, Sports Venues, Commercial Office Spaces, Hospitals, Universities, Airports, and more. Additionally, a CBRS based neutral host can offer substantial benefits vs. legacy Distributed Antenna System (DAS) based approaches.

This CBRS based-neutral host model bypasses traditional deployment challenges often experienced with the solutions from the carriers or other 3rd party operators (3PO) by offering some unique advantages around cost and simplicity, without sacrificing functionality. By using CBRS with the right partner like Geoverse, customers can gain independence from typical extended rollout schedules, solution complexity, and related costs of the legacy-carrier-sourced, DAS-based neutral hosts typically deployed in the past.

And since the solution utilizes CBRS, it also becomes a viable platform for securely serving staff operations, and even connecting large numbers of wireless devices and sensors as these properties also look to automate their in-house building management systems and operations. There are many use cases for this one network, which can be tailored to the venue and community it supports for a highly secure and quality connected experience.

As part of this trial, Geoverse will start by providing indoor coverage at the resort’s expansive convention center. In addition, Caribe Royale and Geoverse are cooperating to augment and complement the existing Wi-Fi footprint, to eventually operate as one hybrid wireless network.

Geoverse recognizes the role of Wi-Fi and understands the value of delivering an architecture that accommodates both private cellular and Wi-Fi, operating together.

According to Chet Patel, Director of Innovation and Technology at the Caribe Royale, “As a major destination for meetings and leisure travel, we recognize the overwhelming need to ensure all our visitors can easily and automatically get connected anywhere across the resort, and by deploying this new service platform, we expect this will not only address this need, but also open the door to opportunities around new use cases that help deliver a better guest experience.”

Currently, Caribe Royale has their own Wi-Fi network in-house for connecting guests, and an indoor DAS supporting a single carrier for cellular coverage in select areas, as it was recognized that a dedicated indoor network was necessary for delivering any kind of reliable cellular connectivity. However, since not all carriers utilize the DAS, the resulting coverage from other carriers offers a very mixed experience which became one of the drivers to expand the indoor network with a new neutral host.

With the need to accommodate volumes of voice and SMS services in addition to secure high-speed data connectivity, and to eventually take advantage of the emergence of 5G, cellular based wireless services increasingly are necessary.

Chief Commercial Officer at Geoverse Bob Gault said that Caribe Royale Orlando was attracted to Geoverse’s expertise in designing, deploying, and managing in-building wireless systems while working closely with building owners and mobile network operators in a variety of areas and disciplines. They were also impressed with the company’s results at 7 Cedars Hotel and Casino. “Harnessing the power of a Private Cellular network will help Caribe Royale drive outcomes and end-user experiences to new levels, and that will allow them to better serve their customers,” said Gault.

Since private cellular networks can deliver high-quality wireless service and support more than just a single operator or use case, larger venues are starting to demonstrate a willingness to invest in these platforms because of the many proven benefits they offer. The hospitality and entertainment industry is just one sector where a neutral host can significantly boost business and operations across a number of fronts. Property owners, communities and municipalities, healthcare, ports and more are building and leaning on private cellular networks to maximize coverage and introduce the next wave of new use cases to help transform their business.

About Caribe Royale Orlando Hotel

Located just minutes from the Walt Disney World® Resort in the nation’s number one convention and tourist destination, Caribe Royale Orlando is the area’s largest all-suite convention hotel. A TripAdvisor 2021 Travelers’ Choice Award winner -- among just 10 percent of hotels worldwide to receive the distinction -- the upscale Caribe Royale is in the midst of a $127 million renovation that includes fully remodeling all of its one-bedroom suites, an all-new 50,000-square-foot grand ballroom (bringing the total meeting space to 220,000 square feet), and an inviting new lobby. Being privately-owned, Caribe Royale offers meeting planners faster approval cycles and more flexibility to create stand-out events. To learn more visit

About Geoverse

Geoverse is a private cellular networks solutions provider, providing advanced CBRS and cellular connectivity for enterprises, property owners, and communities. The company’s private 5G/LTE solutions —leveraging Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and licensed LTE—interconnect with both national and global mobile operators, delivering a private network without borders. The solutions deliver advanced wireless services securely, connecting users and devices while enabling new opportunities and use cases. Geoverse, the largest Neutral Host operator in the U.S., is a subsidiary of ATN International (NASDAQ: ATNI), which has more than 30 years of experience building and managing cellular networks serving enterprises, carriers, and consumers.

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