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OnGo Alliance Behind the Scenes- June 2021

The Alliance held its quarterly marketing meeting May 26th, and the next Alliance Meeting is scheduled for July 26-29th and will be virtual. However, in yet another sign towards returning to “normal” the Alliance is planning to return to in person meetings starting in Q4 in St. Louis – week of October 4th, 2021.

As of May 14, 2021, 58 devices have now been OnGo certified, and 221 different client devices had been authorized by the FCC. Priority Access License (PAL) deployments have begun and will drive further innovation and connectivity in the CBRS band.

Furthermore, OnGo Alliance membership now includes more than 190 active member companies recognizing the value that shared spectrum technology brings to enterprises and consumers alike.

Upcoming Events (In person) Attended by the Alliance:

  • August 9-13: HIMSS – Healthcare Info Management Systems and Services

  • August 10-12: Entelec – Energy and Telecom

To help navigate the expanding OnGo ecosystems, the OnGo Alliance recently launched its member directory, a comprehensive collection of companies representing all aspects of the OnGo ecosystem.

Get your copy of the CBRS & OnGo For Dummies content here. To learn more about OnGo, check out our new OnGo explainer video or visit

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