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Partner Portal Spotlight – Program Information and Product Training

In our April newsletter we announced the upcoming launch of the Geoverse Partner Portal – an online set of resources for the Geoverse Partner Community. We’ll use the June newsletter to spotlight the elements of the portal. This month, we’ll focus on Program Information and Product Training.

When you login, we recommend you start your tour with the “Program Information” tab. This section contains a video welcoming you to the Geoverse Partner Community. It also provides access to success stories you can use to familiarize yourself with private cellular network use cases and Geoverse’s specific capabilities. You can also find contact information for your Geoverse Channel Manager.

We’re still building out this area, but it will eventually provide access to the co-marketing program, deal registration, the proposal support library, and access to RF planning/modeling resources.

The “Product Training” tab contains information on Geoverse solutions. The training section provides an introduction to Geoverse and what we do. You can watch short videos highlighting how a private cellular network supports use cases like Push to talk (PTT), LAN integration, digital signage, and more. The Device Information section provides a list of devices that have been tested and approved for use on the Geoverse network along with setup instructions. You can also learn more about GeoTrade, our proprietary service and business management platform for tracking network usage down to the individual subscriber, locating subscribers, and monitoring network performance.

If you haven’t already, head over to the portal today, get registered, and start taking advantage of the resources available. If you have ideas for improving the site or the program, use the convenient “Contact Us” form on each page.

We welcome your questions and ideas on the program. You can use the “Contact Us” button on the website or you can send an email to

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