Working with Geoverse 

We’ll learn what you need

For the big picture:

  • Know more about your building or campus

  • For an office building or industrial complex?

  • To know if you need coverage outdoors, indoors, or both

  • About the physical layout, is it spread out and horizontal? Or tall and vertical?

  • Is this for a new structure or a retrofit?

  • What areas will be used the most?

  • Need support for public safety networks (for any local regulations)?

So we can:

  • Know the type of LTE solution, and where to place the access points, to

  • Keep occupants and any sensors connected

  • Propose solutions for you to measure, to optimize your operations…

  • Like: power, lighting, HVAC, air quality, CO2 levels, water, and…

  • Who’s entering the building or leaving the garage, you get the idea

All this, at a price comparable to commercial WiFi.

Package it up

We’ll create and send you a proposal. Then, meet with you to review and refine it. Geoverse will provide your solution As A Service. No capital expenditures. You pay a monthly fee, comparable to commercial WiFi fees. Then, if you agree with the proposal:

  • Design- Determine what you need, how many, and where to place things

  • Build- Install your network, whether for new or existing building

  • Test- Make sure everything works, whether subscribers are walking into or out of the building. We’ll coordinate everything with mobile carriers. 

  • Deploy- Complete the finishing touches for you to ‘go live’

  • Support you- From now to forever. New technologies emerge, people come and go. We’ll take care of all that, to run your private cellular network.