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Geoverse Private LTE

In telecommunications, Long Term Evolution, aka LTE, is the standard for secure, high-speed communications for mobile devices and data terminals across licensed cellular spectrum.

Until recently, LTE has been the private domain of mobile network operators predicated on the fact that they had licensed the right to exclusively use the spectrum from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

It’s been years in the making and hasn’t gotten as much attention as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), but the FCC finally announced Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

CBRS is not a new technology. It is a band of carrier-grade LTE and 5G cellular spectrum for mobile use by both public and private networks.

It 's an important development that will have a wide impact as enterprises can now use to deploy private cellular networks based on LTE to connect people, things, and places. These networks that can be interconnected to major mobile operator networks are called Private LTE, and soon, Private 5G

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High Reliability

Avoid costly downtime with a robust communications network that keeps your business- and mission-critical systems up and running.

Security, white.png

Intrinsically Secure

Shield your operations and data from cyber threats with a network that has built-in encryption and authentication capabilities.

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Pervasive Coverage

Increase efficiency and support new applications by extending ubiquitous connectivity across campuses and large industrial sites.

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Full Mobility

Provide connectivity that supports advanced applications on mobile assets and transparent handovers to public LTE networks.


High Multi-User Capacity

Keep all your workers connected and ensure that they get full value from voice, video and data applications.


Predictable Performance

Meet the growing demands of connected workers, machines and applications with consistently high data rates and low latency.

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