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The City of Tucson successfully secured CARES Act Funds in 2020 for their city

The City of Tucson formally turned up its network in March and the Geoverse GeoCore was the EPC for the city wide deployment supporting 5 school districts, thousands of students and smart infrastructure. All connected devices for the private network will utilize Geoverse SIM cards. Phase 1 By the Numbers…

Watch the Collin YouTube video for more information.

  • 40 Locations across the city

  • Fixed CBRS Deployments

  • Serving Households and 5 School Districts

  • Connecting Municipal Infrastructure – Traffic Lights, Flood Monitoring, Water Quality

  • Delivering Mobile HotSpots – Wi-Fi on public busses

  • Public Wi-Fi for Parks, other public spaces

  • Phase II introduces the next 40 sites to go on air

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