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Orion Labs partners with Geoverse to provide private LTE networks

Orion Labs announced a strategic collaboration agreement with Geoverse to collaborate on efforts to accelerate adoption and deployments of private LTE networks and 5G capabilities.

Under the deal, the two companies will provide a full suite of solutions, including the Orion messaging platform for real-time communications. Geoverse provides mobile services for commercial, IoT and residential intelligent building management. As part of the agreement, Orion’s voice platform will provide push-to-talk capabilities within the Geoverse Private LTE deployments, allowing organizations leveraging the platform to increase employee productivity and safety.

“Geoverse offers customized designs and deployments of private LTE networks that deliver the ultimate connectivity for companies of all sizes and industries,” said Jesse Robbins, founder and CEO of Orion Labs. “Orion works closely with similar enterprises and understands first-hand how important Push to Talk is for these companies looking to collaborate on the job. Geoverse is a key partner as we continue to roll-out new deployments of our Orion Voice Platform. Better connectivity access for workers is vital to not only improving team performance but also ensuring the safety of those workers.”

“Geoverse’s mission is to provide carrier – grade connectivity, through turn key solutions for a building or complex ready to embrace secure connectivity for its tenants and customers,” said Rod Nelson, CEO of Geoverse. “It’s clear that Orion is a pioneer in delivering real time communications services. Working together, I see our evolution to 5G as a collaboration that will help make the workplace safe and always connected.”

Orion delivers instant and secure voice and location communication across a number of connected devices, applications, and AI-powered services. The company recently announced Orion Sync, a Push to Talk wearable with integrated LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. The company provides an API and SDK for developers to build, integrate, and create new software, voice bots, and services powered by the Orion platform.

Geoverse, a subsidiary of ATN International, is a mobile network operator that designs, deploys, and operates Private LTE services on 4G/LTE. Geoverse enables building owners, managers, and enterprise to deliver cellular service for occupants and visitors and secure high-performance connectivity for IoT and enterprise applications.

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