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OnGo Alliance Behind the Scenes

The OnGo Alliance’s (formerly known as the CBRS Alliance) Quarterly meeting was January 18th to the 20th. Here are some highlights:

A. The official name change from CBRS Alliance to OnGo Alliance became official – starting January 11th.

B. There are now a total of 188 members of the OnGo Alliance.

C. 118 CBSD’s and 180 End user devices are FCC Authorized for the CBRS band.

D. The OnGo Alliance is planning a Virtual Trade show for February/March that will feature end user stories.

E. Marketing efforts acceleration with vertical blog’s and customer video’s now available on the OnGo alliance web site.

F. Continued focus on 5G and Neutral Host.

G. PAL’s are coming.

– Rules for protection zones and sub licensing have been created.

H. Global Interest: Spectrum Representatives from various countries around the world presented their plans for shared spectrum.

– Many following successes of the CBRS band.

I. The First Annual OnGo Award winners were announced January 21st. 9 companies were selected across 8 different award categories. Geoverse was a finalist in 3 categories and won for Excellence in OnGo Business Case with our Nationwide Cloud or Premise based GeoCore Network as a Service Platform. NaaS is a service that can be bundled with our partners’ equipment to help deliver a menu of enhanced network capabilities for the enterprise: Roaming, VoLTE and PBX calling features, User Analytics, and more. Geoverse was also a partner for a JMA Wireless submitted award for the city of Tucson that won an award for Excellence in OnGo Service Delivery. Details on this project will be coming soon…A big congrats to all the winners and finalists. It shows that CBRS and private cellular is real, being commercially rolled out, and opening up new opportunities for the industry. 2021 promises to see this trend only accelerate.

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