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Geoverse launches Private LTE network PoC using CBRS spectrum

Geoverse has started lab testing on its unique approach to Private LTE.  Private LTE provides secure, cost-effective cellular coverage indoors, where it’s needed most, connecting people, devices, IoT applications. Extending the capabilities of a typical enhanced packet core, Geoverse is adding its GeoCore router to Private LTE networks which links that network to our blockchain based GeoTrade Marketplace.  Today we’re making some of the first data calls through our GeoCore setup.

Laptop connected to the internet via Geoverse's ultra-fast Private LTE network. 

Connectivity is one of the top three features that tenants require in commercial buildings, according to a study conducted by the Building Owners and Managers Association International and the Urban Land Institute.   For some organizations, wireless has become the “fourth utility;” a resource that’s as vital as power, water,  and heating and cooling. Geoverse's Proof of Concept utilizes CBRS spectrum. CBRS is an acronym for Citizens Broadband Radio Service, and the upshot for real estate and enterprises is that it results in 5-bar in-building LTE services from incumbent mobile operators as well as enable organizations to build their own private LTE networks.   Geoverse makes this process easy by designing and managing Private LTE networks as a service to help real estate unleash the high-capacity and lightning-fast cellular service occupants are waiting for.

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