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Geoverse Launches Network as a Service to Power Private Cellular Networks Via CBRS

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Intelligent Service Platform Offers Easy and Economical Way for Enterprises and Geoverse Partners to Introduce Critical New Network Functionality and Applications

Bellevue, Washington December 9, 2020Geoverse, a private cellular network operator, today announced the launch of its Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, which enables enterprises, OEMs, systems integrators, and other partners to easily introduce new functionality for private cellular networks serving the enterprise. The offering, using innovations like citizens band radio service (CBRS), can be the foundation for new applications to help better serve customers, employees, and the enterprise’s bottom line.

Geoverse’s NaaS is an intelligent services platform that securely enables enterprise cellular networks, enabling new functionality such as roaming and neutral host, voice over LTE (VoLTE), integrated PBX calling features, licensed low band spectrum support, and analytics for the users and endpoints it serves. The NaaS service includes the GeoCore Cloud EPC distributed across a growing list of major cities and GeoCore On-Prem EPC. Depending on budget and performance requirements, the NaaS service can be deployed quickly and easily using GeoCore Cloud EPC or for maximum performance and minimum latency the GeoCore On-Prem EPC can be deployed on site.

NaaS easily integrates with leading radio network vendors, allowing flexibility for organizations who own their own radio access network (RAN) or who have partnered with a preferred VAR or systems integrator. Each of the NaaS-enabled devices utilizes a Geoverse SIM card to leverage the new network functionality. The ability to “plug and play” the NaaS platform into an existing network allows that network to do more without a disruptive upgrade or costly replacement. In short, it makes the enterprise solution more capable and delivers a win for both the Geoverse partner and its customer.

The foundation of the Geoverse NaaS offering is the GeoCore™ platform, which powers its advanced functionality and feature set while offering a clear path to 5G. GeoCore serves as a trusted and known network platform that securely interconnects private enterprise networks with major public cellular carriers, afforded by existing roaming agreements that Geoverse has with 90+ service providers across the US and internationally.

“Private cellular networks are starting to see real growth, and that trajectory will only accelerate as enterprises look to take advantage of new technologies like CBRS and business models to achieve high-performance mobility services in a mobile first world,” said Geoverse CEO Rod Nelson. “With our NaaS offering, Geoverse brings an integrated solution to market, providing our partners a highly effective way to easily do more with their own products and ultimately help their customers do more with their networks.”

As part of its NaaS offering, Geoverse has also announced a formal partner program to allow participating members easily present a more compelling network offering to their customers. Early NaaS deployments include both fixed wireless, such as those used by school districts today for remote learning use cases, and mobile-based for the enterprise.

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About Geoverse

Geoverse is a mobile operator that provides comprehensive in-building cellular solutions to enable users and devices to roam across public carrier networks seamlessly and securely. The company’s private 5G/LTE wireless network offering—using innovations like citizens band radio service (CBRS)—interconnects seamlessly with major mobile operators, delivering a secure, robust and flexible network and services for private applications and high-performance coverage for tenants and visitors. Geoverse, the largest Neutral Host operator across the U.S., is a subsidiary of ATN International (NASDAQ: ATNI), a company with more than 30 years of experience building and operating connectivity solutions for enterprise verticals, carriers, and consumers.

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