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Geoverse Brings the Power of Private LTE/5G Networks to the Port of Oakland

Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) leveraging the Geoverse Private LTE cellular network to enhance and automate container yard operations, safety protocols, and security measures

BELLEVUE, Washington – June 9, 2021Geoverse, a national operator of private cellular networks for the enterprise, today announced it has entered into an agreement to provide a private cellular solution for Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) at the Port of Oakland. The private LTE network will leverage Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to enable multiple intermodal container yard management applications in the first phase and new smart port use cases and applications in follow-on phases. The private LTE deployment will be one of the first smart port solutions rolled out with CBRS in the U.S.

OMSS is deploying the Geoverse GeoCore Evolved Packet Core (EPC) as the critical control element to manage the CBRS network infrastructure and the connected end points across the port. A number of mobile devices and end points will be populated with a Geoverse SIM card, enabling them to securely connect to the private network and utilize capabilities such as outbound roaming should they need to transit off-site.

OMSS plans to accelerate its digital transformation by using the Geoverse service platform to enable sitewide wireless coverage, Industrial IoT, and advanced analytics to make its container yard operation more productive and efficient. With Geoverse, OMSS is leveraging the cellular network to better manage its increasing container traffic, the tightening demands on the supply chain, and the growing dynamic handling volumes.

“We seek to gain new efficiencies by using wireless, IoT and the available analytics to enable multiple smart port applications by leveraging this reliable high-speed mobile data and communications platform,” said Bill Aboudi, president of OMSS. “By partnering with Geoverse, the OMSS will be able to enhance its existing infrastructure to support the emerging demands through the use of intelligent intermodal applications such as container yard workflow analytics, environmental monitoring, smart gate management, and drone surveillance.”

In working with Geoverse, OMSS is seeking to:

· Maximize benefits of its container yard management assets

· Better utilize automated cargo handling equipment

· Improve safety and security

· Reduce operational costs

· Increase drayage efficiency

· Support communication services and generally operate in a more sustainable way

“Once we became more familiar with all the capabilities of LTE and CBRS, it became increasingly clear that Geoverse was the right partner to lead and manage the delivery of this technology for our private network,” Aboudi said.

“This deployment is proving to be a first for the support of new use cases with CBRS, demonstrating how these networks are really a good fit for these maritime environments,” said Rod Nelson, Geoverse CEO. “We’re pleased to partner with Oakland Maritime Support Services at the Port of Oakland on such a critical effort to improve the way containerized goods are moved as part of the U.S. supply chain. We expect that this is a model other ports and intermodal facilities will be watching.”

About Geoverse

Geoverse is a licensed mobile operator that provides turnkey connectivity solutions for enterprises, property owners, and communities. The company’s private 5G/LTE cellular network offering—based on citizens band radio network (CBRS) and licensed spectrum—interconnects with major mobile operators, delivering a secure, flexible solution enabling value-added applications and high-performance coverage for users and devices. Geoverse, the largest Neutral Host operator in the US, is a subsidiary of ATN International (NASDAQ: ATNI), a company with more than 30 years of experience building and operating cellular solutions for enterprises, carriers, and consumers.

About OMSS

Oakland Maritime Support Services (OMSS) is a truck and container parking and services facility for the 8,000+ drayage trucks moving containerized freight to and from the Port of Oakland daily. OMSS is currently modernizing, expanding, and relocating their existing facility to a 15-acre parcel at the former Oakland Army Base, further reducing the impact of truck activity in the West Oakland community. The new OMSS Center will be a one-stop service destination for trucks at the Port of Oakland, providing auto and truck fueling stations, parking, container storage, truck scales, trans-load facility, a convenience market, restaurant food court, office space, and other services. The OMSS Center will be a “green” state-of-the-art trucking services facility showcasing clean energy alternatives including a biodiesel fueling station.

Calysto for Geoverse

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