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OnGo Use Cases and Successes

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

One of the changes we saw in 2020 from the pandemic was a shift in activity for where these new private CBRS networks would first be deployed. Entering the year, it was expected that CRE would be at the front, but as buildings closed and employees increasingly worked remotely, we instead saw a growing need to help communities get better connected so school age kids and city workers could be connected to their schools and communities for remote learning.

As the 2020 Cares Act was passed into law making significant monies available to fund these deployments, this quickly became an active space that is only accelerating as we transition into 2021. As we turn the corner in 2021, an emerging use case for private cellular is the ability to deploy a turnkey platform that’s networked and leverages AI and real time air quality to help ensure a safe return to the office.

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