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American Connection Project

Geoverse has joined the American Connection Project along with 140 other leading organizations from tech, healthcare, finance, agriculture, trade associations, and more. The mission of this coalition, which was founded in July 2020 to help bridge the digital divide, is to raise awareness and help bring connectivity to more than 14M people who don’t have access today while also bring affordable connectivity to another 42M+ who don’t have viable or affordable options today.

The Coalition is focusing on four priorities:

1. Increased funding: FCC and USDA reports both support at least $80 billion in federal funding to fill the infrastructure gap.

2. Better mapping: More accurate and granular mapping of broadband coverage is needed to identify service gaps and deploy resources efficiently to the areas that need it most.

3. Coordination: Close coordination is required between federal, state, and local entities and programs to effectively deploy the limited resources available.

4. Expanding Telehealth access: The Coalition supports the continued expansion of Telehealth access, with an emphasis on quality and equity, so patients can receive the right care at the right time in the right setting.

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