Geoverse Partner Program

The Geoverse Partner Program is designed to help our partner community find and close opportunities and to provide mutual scale in the enterprise market.

We created our partner program to help bridge gaps in private cellular network knowledge and invest in creating a network of self-sufficient partners while showcasing Geoverse’s unique advantages.

6 Key Elements of the Program:


Geoverse is taking the lead in training our partner and customer community. We develop and supply technical and commercial documentation to highlight the benefits, describe the process, and explain the costs of adopting private cellular networks. We consider it our responsibility to provide access to digestible, relevant, and accurate information.


Our training is both generic to the technology and specific to Geoverse advantages. We use our own content and leverage resources from the private cellular ecosystem to provide baseline training – private cellular, CBRS, use cases, and more. We also offer Geoverse-specific training – capabilities, differentiation, business models, and success stories. Geoverse provides training through various platforms, including virtual, one-on-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many.

Market Development Funds

Geoverse assists our partner community’s efforts to raise the level of awareness of our respective value propositions and grow their internal capabilities. The MDF program provides financial assistance for both goals. It is a proposal- and success-based program requiring partners to submit and successfully execute an approved plan. The MDF program document outlines the areas Geoverse will support – tool and knowledge acquisition, tradeshow and event participation, demand generation, promotional items, sales programs, and collateral development/production. It also details the Proof of Performance (POP) associated with each area.

RF Design Resources

While most of our partners are skilled technically, some have limited experience with licensed RF and the cellular world. We work with our partner community to bridge the skills gap while simultaneously pursuing immediate opportunities. Since Geoverse’s position as a mobile network operator requires RF design tools and resources, we use our internal resources to support partners with network modeling and design.

Deal Registration

As the private cellular market grows and our partner community matures with it, the Geoverse Deal Registration program gives partners’ efforts an advantage in identifying opportunities early and positioning themselves and Geoverse for success. The Deal Registration program allows us to reward partners with advantaged pricing for qualifying opportunities.

Proposal Support

The Proposal Support program provides an online resource to help partners create or respond to proposals. It contains basic information about Geoverse, technical details on our architectures, reference projects, Band 48 capable devices, and a technical response Q and A section.

NaaS Demo Program

The Network as a Service (NaaS) demo program, currently in development, allows partners to demonstrate specific capabilities of a Geoverse private cellular solution and key network feature at the partner facility or delivered to the customer’s location. More information will be available in the Demo Kit program document.

The Partner Program will evolve as Geoverse and the market mature. We’ll use conversations with our partners and developments in the market to help us add features to the program and drop elements that are no longer needed. The goal will always be the same. We want to create partner loyalty by making it easier to find and close profitable businesses.

We look forward to working with you and welcome both your comments and suggestions.