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Geoverse Referral Program

Types of Partners

Referral Partners

Enterprise Facing Consultants

& Agents



Understand Business Needs of Enterprise

Have C Level, IT & Operations level relationships

Work with Geoverse & Technology Integration Partners

OEM Partners

Integrated Vendors

Examples of Companies:





JMA Wireless


Technology Integration Partners

Turnkey-Enterprise Facing Organizations



Realize Economic Promise of CBRS

Able to articulate that enterprises can now utilize and control LTE elements through known IT methodologies

Experienced Partner for Design, Engineering, Field Service and Trouble Shooting 

Here is how the program works:

1. Fill out our Referral Form at the bottom of this page with information about the potential Geoverse client.

2. Our Sales team will reach out to you to lean more about the contact and the opportunity. 

3. We will reach out to you with your referral agreement once we have closed one of your leads.

Earn additional income for your company. Simply send us your lead and we'll take it from there!

As a thank you for your lead, you will receive up to 5% of the total value of the signed contract. We want to reward your effort in helping us close new business! 

Referral Partner Relationship

This adaptive and dynamic partnership is available to any and all partners that would like to refer business to Geoverse and have Geoverse provide value for new customers.

1. No pre-submission steps required to submit referrals

2. Marketing Materials and Assets are provided

3. No program fees

4. Quick communication on closed leads & compensation processing

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